LED Warning Lights Systems

What Are the LED Lights Shown in the Video?

Businesses and organizations that rely on commercial garage doors often use large commercial vehicles that are difficult to navigate. For that reason, additional safety measures are helpful in getting these large vehicles in and out of garages without damage to the vehicles or to commercial garage doors.

What you see in this video are LED lights that serve as part of a newly installed safety system at a fire station in Lewisville, NC. As you’ll note when watching the video, these lights make it far easier (and safer) to navigate into and out of the large ports for fire trucks.

How Do These Lights Act Like Stoplights?


Imagine sitting in the driver’s seat of an enormous fire truck. You’re expected to reverse the vehicle out of a large garage without damaging the vehicle or the door. These safety lights make your job much easier.

The LED lights are solid red while the garage doors are fully closed. When the garage door is being raised, the lights flash red so that it’s clear the door is in operation. Then, once the garage doors are fully open, the lights become solid green.

The safety feature works the same way while the doors are closing. The lights flash red while the doors are shutting or even if they are left partially closed. And then, when the doors are fully shut, the lights become fully red again.

This makes it clear to anyone operating vehicles when it is safe to move out of the garage and when it is not. Not only does this system help keep vehicles and garage doors free from damage, but it also helps fire station personnel move more efficiently while responding to emergency situations. Even if a vehicle is backed into its port, having warning lights for a garage still make it easier and more efficient to get out.

Marvin’s Garage Doors: Your Source for Safety Features

At Marvin’s Garage Doors, we are proud to support fire stations in Ashe County, Watauga County and the surrounding areas with safety features like these LED lights for garage doors. We understand how important your work is to the community and we know just how important commercial garage doors and their safe operation are to your important job. These warning lights for garage doors you see at this fire station in Lewisville can be added to your facility, too, keeping your equipment safer and helping you do your job more efficiently.

Commercial garage door installation, repair and maintenance in Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro and throughout the Piedmont Triad are what we specialize in. Not only do we install, repair and maintain commercial garage doors, but we also install, repair and maintain commercial garage door accessories like openers and safety lights.

When you have commercial garage door needs or questions, Marvin’s Garage Door has answers and solutions — as well as outstanding customer service and a desire to go above and beyond. Contact us today about warning lights for your garage door.


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