The NORDOCK BARRIER™ Series of Hydraulic Levelers are the ultimate in strength and safety. The stay-put barrier lip prevents accidental fall-off when in a stored position. The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength. The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections and lugs are constructed of minimum 50-55,000 PSI yield material. The beams are formed channel or 6" structural wide flange with welded side guards to provide additional strength. The continuous rear hinge provides side-to-side tilt with no pinch point.

Model* Width Length
NB-66 6'0" 6'0"
NB-68 6'0" 8'0"
NB-610 6'0" 10'0"
NB-6.56 6'6" 6'0"
NB-6.58 6'6" 8'0"
NB-6.510 6'6" 10'0"
NB-76 7'0" 6'0"
NB-78 7'0" 8'0"
NB-710 7'0" 10'0"

* Add capacity required. Example: NB-68-60. 12 foot long models are also available

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