The Performa™ Series of hydraulic powered dock levelers is the smart choice for the most demanding loading dock and delivers the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability. Substantial lifetime cost of ownership savings are achieved with the single push button control, heavy-duty hydraulics and patent pending lip activation.The single lift cylinder design reduces parts while providing the most reliable and convenient activation. The patented self-cleaning lip lug and header plate design provides the strongest front hinge and deck support and does not allow debris to collect in this critical area. The indestructible full width rear hinge provides the smoothest transition from floor to leveler deck and eliminates pinch points.

Model* Width Length
SH-66 6'0" 6'0"
SH-68 6'0" 8'0"
SH-6.58 6'6" 8'0"
SH-6.510 6'6" 10'0"
SH-76 7'0" 6'0"
SH-78 7'0" 8'0"
SH-710 7'0" 10'0"

* Add capacity required. Example: SH-68-35. Longer models and special size units to fit any existing pit also available.

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