The BLSL840 is the first choice for residential and commercial slide gate applications because of its many features. First, this full feature, state-of-the-art operator is built with a high-efficiency, switching power supply, along with a powerful, ultra-quiet, high-torque, maintenance-free, brushless DC motor. The 120/220VAC power source is connected to a switching power supply, which can output a proper, stable voltage to the gate operator even when the input voltage is fluctuating .

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This residential/commercial, heavy-duty, slide gate operator is equipped with a powerful, quiet, brushless DC motor, which operates on 24 volt DC power.  In addition, this gate operator is built with a long-lasting 7Ah/24V DC battery backup system that keeps the gate operational when AC power is unavailable.

Speed Control: This operator can control the speed on uphill downhill gate. It keeps the speed constant.
Manual Release: Back Drivable Optional Fail Safety
Gate Capacity:

Maximum Gate Weight 800 lbs. Maximum Gate Length 40ft. 12” per second

Mechanical: Gear Reducer Size 70

Brushless Continuous Duty Instant Reversing 24V DC

Dimension: 22” x 13” x 23” H
Main Power: 120/220 VAC Single Phase On/Off Switch Built-in 24V DC Battery Backup (7 ampHr 12V DC x 2)
Compliance: ETL Listed UL325/UL991

Brushless Motor: 10yrs. 8yrs.

Parts: 8yrs. 6yrs.

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