Loading Dock Equipment

Marvin’s Garage Doors has a reputation for providing great garage door service throughout northwestern North Carolina. But garage doors and garage door openers are not all we do. You can also find top-of-the-line loading dock equipment at Marvin’s.

If you’re looking for loading dock seals and levelers in North Carolina, a loading dock shelter in Wilkesboro, NC, or loading dock lights in Winston-Salem, NC, Marvin’s Garage Doors is the place to call. Visit any of our locations in Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro or East Bend, NC for high-quality, affordable loading dock equipment to suit your needs. 

Loading Dock Equipment in North Carolina

At Marvin’s Garage Doors, you’ll find just about everything you need to protect and facilitate your loading operations.

Loading Dock Seals

When you open your loading door to a truck, you’re basically opening a big hole in your facility, one that is an inviting target for bugs, inclement weather, moisture and random debris. A good, reliable loading dock seal creates a tight closure between the truck and the dock, protecting your goods and your facility.

At Marvin’s Garage Doors, we’ve got a variety of loading dock seals to suit your needs, including adjustable head member seals; foam head member seals; NF, EF and F Series head member seals; P90 dock seals; reducer series seals and weather shield series seals. If you’re not sure which dock seals are right for your loading dock, just give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.

Loading Dock Shelters

If you need a little bit more flexibility in your loading dock protection than loading dock seals can provide, Marvin’s Garage Doors also offers loading dock shelters for your loading dock. Choose from a soft-sided shelter or a standard rigid shelter, depending on your specific loading dock design and needs.

Loading Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers provide a consistent platform for the transport of goods into the warehouse via forklift without excessive bumping, which can cause injury, damage to the forklift and even spillage. You’ll find a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers available at Marvin’s Garage Doors to handle just about any warehouse loading situation.

Loading Dock Lights

Loading dock lights keep your dock illuminated for added safety. At Marvin’s Garage Doors, you’ll find heavy-duty LED dock lights, high-pressure sodium dock lights, incandescent dock lights and even traffic lights.

Truck Restraints

Vehicle restraints are another key element to loading dock and warehouse safety. Marvin’s Garage Doors offers multiple truck restraint choices, including the Impact AR-9000, Pit-Hook Vehicle Restraint, Smart-Hook AR 9500, Smart-Hook AR 10K, Truck-Lock Automatic and Truck-Lock Manual. Our expert staff can help you determine which model is right for you. 

Marvin’s Garage Doors for Loading Dock Equipment in North Carolina and More

In Wilkesboro, Winston-Salem and East Bend, contact Marvin’s Garage Doors today for help determining which loading dock accessories are best suited to your business, to learn about our various products, including our top-of-the-line industrial overhead garage doors, or to request an estimate.


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