Rolling Steel Doors

If your company has a warehouse, storefront or other property that needs protection, quality rolling steel doors can be extremely important. The right commercial rollup garage doors not only project a level of professionalism that potential partners and customers can easily see, but they also deter thieves, protect your inventory and provide peace of mind.

For companies in Wilkesboro, Winston-Salem and other parts of North Carolina, Marvin’s Garage Doors has a number of quality rollup steel doors for sale. These doors are designed to give you maximum protection for your business when you cannot be there. Marvin’s also proudly offers quick and easy rolling steel doors installation for all the rolling steel doors we sell. Rolling steel door options that Marvin’s Garage Doors offers include:

Fire Doors

Marvin’s Garage Doors offers a range of effective and responsive fire doors to protect your business. Fire door features from Marvin’s Garage Doors may include electro-mechanical release devices that release the door automatically when an alarm goes off or following a 10-second power outage. They may also include annunciators that warn workers when a door is about to close, vision windows and perimeter seals for added protection.

Counter Shutters

Your particular business property may not need full rolling steel doors. If so, you may benefit from counter shutters available from Marvin’s Garage Doors. These durable steel shutters are simple and clean, offering a flush curtain for your business’s customer-facing area, with complete security and strength to protect your property.

Service Doors

Marvin’s Garage Doors offers a range of rolling steel service door options, including Cookson service doors and Chi service doors.  Cookson doors are strong, heavy- duty doors with one-quarter inch thick steel plate brackets, cast irons tops, heavy-duty cast gears, structural angle guides and bottom bars. They are known to be the easiest commercial rollup garage doors to operate in the industry. They are available as push-up, chain, crank or motor-operated and can come in a FinalCote finish or a ColorCote finish with 180 color options.

Chi Doors are high-performance doors that can come insulated or non-insulated, in a variety of colors and size options. Chi Doors are available as rolling and coiling service doors.

Marvin’s Garage Doors has been a trusted name in doors in North Carolina for more than 40 years. Whether it’s garage doors, rolling steel doors, overhead doors or gates, as well as garage door and automatic gate openers, Marvin’s Garage Doors is the name to know. If your business is lacking rolling steel doors, or your doors are old or in disrepair, you are putting your business at risk.

In Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro and elsewhere in the North Carolina area, Marvin’s Garage Doors can come to your place of business and quickly and easily set up the right rolling steel door so you will be protected and have peace of mind even when your business is unattended. To schedule service or request an estimate, contact Marvin’s Garage Doors today.

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