The AIRDOCK® Barrier™ Series of Air Powered Dock Levelers is the smart choice for the most demanding loading docks to receive the absolute best long term return on investment available. The patented lifting system utilizes a revolutionary Protected Single-Chamber™ balanced air bag and Pull-Action™ design reduces parts and friction while allowing easy inspection and access to the deck assembly. The Stay-Put™ barrier lip enhances the overall safety of the product by preventing a fork truck from accidentally traveling off an open dock. The self-contained design provides easy handling & installation with a fully protected bag and a lift system that does not contact the floor of the pit. Available in capacity ratings from 25,000 to 50,000 pounds in increments of 5,000 pounds, and standard nominal platform sizes of 6, 6.5 & 7 feet wide x 6, 8 & 10 feet long Standard features include full operating range telescoping side guards, night security locks, integral lip and deck maintenance supports, safety black & yellow side skirt labels, and two heavy-duty dock bumpers.

Model* Width Length
BA-66 6'0” 6'0”
BAAD-68 6'0” 8'0”
BA-610 6'0” 10'0”
BA-6.58 6'6” 8'0”
BA-6.510 6'6” 10'0”
BA-76 7'0” 6'0”
BA-78 7'0” 8'0”
BA-710 7'0” 10'0”

* Add capacity required Example: BA-68-35

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