SL-90 DC Slide Gate Operator

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The SL-90 DC slide gate operator, is the smallest of our DC slide gate operators. Now available and equipped with all The SL-90DC is the smallest of our line of Commercial DC gate operators. The SL-90DC has a slight advantage over our SL-100 AC models thanks to its smooth and quiet ½ HP brushless DC motor and integrated backup that’s capable of up to 150 cycles in the event of a power failure.

DC operators are equipped with a control board that offers an array of features that include a programmable relay and leaf delay, slow start/stop algorithm, and solar power capability. The integrated battery backup offers up to two weeks of uninterrupted operation in the event of a power outage.  The brushless DC motors are smooth and quiet but are powerful and durable and require zero maintenance.  As with most of our AC operators, our DC operators now include an emergency foot pedal release and a built in loop rack.

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Warranty Full 7 Year Residential, 5 Year Commercial
Motor 24 VDC Brushless Motor ½ HP - Continuous Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle Continous
Power Options 120/220 VAC Single Phase
Gear Box Ratio 15:1 Direct Drive
Cover Rotationally Molded – Indestructible
Dimensions W: 15.5" – L: 18.5" – H 17"
Maximum Gate Length 40 Feet
Maximum Gate Weight 1,200 lbs
Gate Travel Speed 12 inches per sec
Operator Weight 90 lbs
Emergency Release Options Can be pushed open in the event of a power failure
Battery Backup Integrated, Capable of up to 150 cycles on a 1000lbs Gate Battery: Two 8 Ah Batteries 12VDC
Solar Capabilities 12VDC or 24VDC Solar Panel Input

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