America's Leading High-Speed Door Taken to the ‘NXT’ Level

The PredaDoor NXT is the top-selling high-performance door with next-generation features. A tight perimeter seal, advanced wireless safety system and durable components provide unsurpassed performance and reliability. The NXT Quick-Set™ repair system and System 4® door controller minimize door downtime.

Ideal for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance and dependabilty are critical. The PredaDoor NXT can be built up to 16' wide x 15' high.


  • Limited amount of conventional wear parts require minimal maintenance or repair for the life of the door.

  • Fast opening speeds, up to 50 inches per second, improve traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation.

  • NXT Quick-Set repair allows the door to be easily reset without tools.

  • Variable AC drive and intelligent controller reduce wear on door parts and control power consumption.

With increased opening speeds, a heavy-duty curtain and Rytec reliability, the PredaCool is specifically designed for high-traffic, cold storage applications where downtime isn't an option. Since the door is engineered for coolers, this break-away fabric door helps maintain critical temperatures while improving productivity and reducing energy and maintenance costs. 

Rytec's PredaCool offers high performance for controlled interior applications where dependability is essential. The PredaCool can be built up to 12' wide x 15' high.

The state-of-the-art PredaFlex flexible edge for the PredaDoor eliminates entrapment concerns and provides additional impact protection without sacrificing door performance or quality. The pliable PredaFlex flexible edge protects pedestrians by flexing around any obstruction and easily releasing from the side columns if accidentally impacted.

Rytec's PredaFlex offers high performance for interior applications where dependability is essential. The PredaFlex can be built up to 14' wide x 14' high.

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